Snowbirds Rules

A deposit of $300 is required for each reservation date. On presently a doctor's note only the deposit will be refunded. Any other unjustified cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit.

The balance of payment must be paid on the day of picking, before loading the car on the truck. We accept cash, checks, and Visa and MasterCard credit card payments at no charge. In case of a return unpaid check, a $25 fee will apply.

Any change of date made 15 days prior to the initial booking date will incur a $50 administration fee.

If you change your vehicle once the contract is registered, the price will be adjusted according to the market value and weight of the new vehicle.

Only a golf bag or its equivalent in size will be tolerated on the back seat. Additional fees between $50 and $200 will be billed to offenders.

For the SUV, 4X4 and minivans, all the luggage carried in the vehicle must be placed behind the back of passager seats. Extra charges of $50. for each backseat put down will apply. If the luggage exceed the window sills fees of $200 or more will be charged.

The gasoline level must not exceed one quarter of the tank, otherwise a penalty of $50 will be apply.

The customs officers will not allow any items that were purchased in U.S.A. no any plants, food, tobacco, alcohol and medication.If your vehicle is seized by customs officers, you will be charged a $500 penalty and shipping costs not refunded.

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